Choose the right station

You wish to purchase a 240 volt charging station for you car? Here are a few tips to help you make your choice.

The EVduty-25 station is limited to a maximum sustained power of 4800 watts (4.8 kW) and requires a 25 amp or more breaker..

In comparison, the EVduty-40 is able to supply a sustained power of 7200 watts (7.2 kW) and requires at least a 40 amp breaker.

electrice charging stationWe recommend you choose the EVduty-40 station, even if your electric vehicle does not use the full power (the VOLT, CMAX Energi, Fusion Energi ,SMART ED, Mitsubishi iMiev cannot charge at more than 3,6 kW). This way you will have a product that will be more beneficial long term, to accommodate guests or when you will have a new electric car. 


Also, do not forget that the Quebec government currently bears 50% of the costs through a grant program which will not be around forever..

In certain cases, you might be limited by the electrical capacity of your installation (breaker panel or existing cables) and might not be able to dedicate more than 25 amps to charge your vehicle. In case of doubt, it is important to make the necessary verifications with your electrician before making your purchase.  


What length of cable do I need? 

This depends on the position of the station to the car. If you park your car close to the station, the 15 feet length can be sufficient. Also take into consideration your habits: if you sometimes park your car in the opposite direction, this can change your math. Same thing if you invite friends with electric cars!