About Us

Being the proud owner of THREE electric cars, the first acquired November 17, 2011 (2012 Chevrolet Volt), the second acquired July 12, 2012 (Ford Focus Electric) and the third acquired March 13, 2013 (Tesla Model S), I founded the blog in 2012 to share my electric experience. 

Today, with the help of collaborators, columnists and enthusiastic and passionate readers/commentators, the blog has become a benchmark in electric transportation, in Quebec and abroad. With the new EV and More blog, Roulez Electrique is now in English too. 

My experience as a curious electromobilist has become an expertise, and the company Roulez Electrique / EV and More was created to meet the needs of new EV owners. With my team, I make sure that each plug-in car driver has all the tools necessary to fully appreciate this mode of transportation of the future. The EV ecosystem (charging equipment and networks) is my passion! 

Browse the blog to learn more about EVs. Don’t hesitate to ask questions: members of the community will answer you with much pleasure. 

Then, when you have chosen this environmentally sustainable transportation mode that is an electric car, shop in the online store to purchase your Canadian-made EVduty charging station and other essential accessories. 

Sylvain Juteau