EVoREEL AND EVduty-40 Charging station


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EVoREEL AND EVduty-40 Charging station, 208-240V, 30 amps, INDOOR / OUTDOOR 

This solution includes an EVduty-40 WITH a reel.

The EVoReel is very convenient if you need a cable longer than 25 feet, which is the maximum allowed on a standard charger. Electrical standards do not allow a cable length of over 25 feet, unless the terminal is equipped with a cable management system. Here is the solution: the retractable EVoReel! 

Certified according to the building code.

Eligible for Quebec incentive reimbursement program (see:

This solution keeps the cable off the ground and prevents it from getting dirty. It also reduces the risk of cable being cut by the snow plow in the winter! 

The charging station is programmed to provide a maximum of 30 amps. A 40-amp circuit breaker is required. Note that ALL installations must be performed by a qualified electrician. Contact us for more information!

  • Permanent installation, done by an electrician.
  • REQUIRES a connection via an adjacent junction box (more details in the User Manual). Advise your electrician.
  • 30 foot cable

WATERPROOF and certified up to -40 °C

IN STOCK, delivery in Canada within 5 working days.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL plug-in vehicles (BEV and PHEV) sold in North America.

EVduty charging stations are manufactured in Shawinigan, Quebec by Elmec

WARRANTY: 3 years, provided directly by the manufacturer Elmec.

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