EVDUTY-40 Charging station - 208-240 volts, 30 amps


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NOTE: Before ordering, make sure the selected options for «Cable length» and «Connexion» in the drop-menus above (to the right of the product photo) are right for your installation needs. Don't hesitate to call us if you aren't sure.

This charging station is programed to provide a maximum of 30 amps. A 40 amp breaker is required.

In the case where constraints command a lower intensity (because of the cable diameter, for example), we are able to configure the charger at the factory, FREE of charge, but this option adds 5 additional days to delivery time.

You ALREADY have a 120 V cable installed in the garage of your condo and find it too expensive to change it? If your cable is of a maximum of 14 AWG in diameter, it is possible to make the cable work with 240 V, but we must limit the intensity to a maximum of 12 amps. Your electric car could then charge twice as fast than on 120 V! Take note that ALL installations must be executed by a certified electrician. Contact us for more information! 

Available options:

  • Permanent installation, done by a certified electrician. MUST be the connected through an adjacent junction box (more details in the instruction manual). Please advise your certified electrician.
  • With a welding plug and wall mount, which makes the station portable. An electrician must install a NEMA 6-50 outlet with a breaker of at least 40 amps.
  • 15 or 25 foot cable (useful if you can not park near the charging station).

WATERPROOF and certified up to -40 °C

IN STOCK, delivery in Canada within 5 business days.

COMPATIBLE with ALL models of plug-in vehicles (100% electric and plug-in hybrids) commercialized in North America.

EVDUTY charging stations are made in Canada by Elmec in Shawinigan.

Technical information on Elmec Website :

WARRANTY: 3 years, directly with manufacturer Elmec  

Don't know a qualified certified electricians to have your station safely connected?
- See our list of recommended certified electricians.


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