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Here’s an essential tool for all EV drivers who use public charging! 

This Charging Notice, that you hang on the nozzle while charging is used to indicate to other users of the station until what time you need to charge and to leave your PHONE NUMBER if someone urgently needs some electrons! 

The notice is in French and English: place it on one side or the other as needed. 

It is reusable because plasticised, which allows you to write with a dry erase marker and keeps it weather resistant. 

This Notice is perfect for level 1 or 2 charging (120V-240V). When fast charging, simply place the notice in the windshield, visible from the outside. Our Charging Notice works great with the Tesla nozzle too. 

In the box "PLEASE, DO NOT UNPLUG BEFORE" indicate the end time of your charging session with a dry erase marker. In the "PHONE" box, enter your phone number. To avoid having to write your phone number every time, write this part with a permanent marker! 

When you order, choose from these two options: 

  • 1 Charging Notice
  • 1 Charging Notice + 1 Dry Erase Marker


 A rebate applies when you buy directly at the Roulez Electrique Station in Trois-Rivières. See the contact page for our address. 

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